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Intellectual Property Law

Protecting the value of your creativity

Richman & Levine P.C.'s intellectual property practice section provides a wide variety of IP services, including infringement litigation, trademark & copyright protection and counseling.


For most companies, protecting valuable IP should be a priority, but many do not take the necessary steps to maintain or increase the value of their proprietary copyrights, trademarks, service marks or trade dress.


Delivering Personalized Legal Services

The intellectual property lawyers at Richman & Levine P.C. can help your company create a strategy to develop and protect valuable intellectual properties, which can increase the value of your company. In addition, proper maintenance of intellectual property rights decreases the likelihood that third-party infringement will result in unnecessary litigation costs.
We work with you to establish protocols that will protect your intellectual property and reduce your risk of future litigation. Our intellectual property counseling can also help you maximize the value of your intellectual property with licensing and royalty agreements.


In some instances, litigation cannot be avoided. If this is the case, Richman & Levine P.C. has the knowledge of both the applicable United States and applicable state laws regarding infringement.
Richman & Levine P.C.'s intellectual property litigation practice handles multimillion dollar claims. While we have the experience and resources to litigate the most complex matters, we also will work with clients to develop strategies that are cost-conscious as well. Unexpected infringement litigation often puts substantial demands on companies' finances. We are aware of and sensitive to our clients' legal needs as well as their financial circumstances. As a result, our strategies often include developing creative solutions to minimize litigation costs or to resolve the most contentious conflicts.


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