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Business Transactions and Contracts

Committed to protecting clients' interests

Access to sound legal advice is no longer a luxury reserved for large companies. It is a necessity for all businesses, large and small. In today’s complex society, access to proactive, knowledgeable legal advice can literally mean the difference between success and failure.
In Long Island, New York, Richman & Levine, P.C. provides the personalized guidance and legal services required for success in today’s business marketplace. We focus on developing a comprehensive understanding of your business goals and objectives first, rather than simply providing a ready-made list of boilerplate legal answers. We then tailor the scope of our services to fit your company’s legal needs and financial strategies in a timely and cost-efficient manner. We provide an extra measure of dedication, the end results of which produce the “value-added” professional service that we strive to provide our clients with every day. 

A full-service business law firm

Richman & Levine, P.C. is a full-service business law firm capable of meeting almost any type of legal challenge. Our cross-disciplinary team of business transaction lawyers provide industry-leading advice to clients on all aspects of business. Whether you are considering starting a new company, expanding an existing commercial enterprise, or facing new challenges, Richman & Levine, P.C.’s business law attorneys can represent you throughout the entire life of your business. Our attorneys have the depth and breadth of legal skills and experience to provide practical legal advice and sound guidance on a wide variety of business law matters, including:

General Business Representation
Corporate Formation & Governance
Business Planning
Strategic Counseling
Mergers and Acquisitions
Partnerships and Joint Ventures
Employment & Labor

Intellectual Property 


Liability Issues

Restructure of Legal Entities
Sale and Purchase of Companies
Franchise Structures
Shareholder Issues
Stock Conversions and Splits
Commercial Real Estate
Land Use
Commercial Leasing

Asset Purchases

Duty Implications

Dissolution & Liquidation

Skilled and professional representation

Solid contracts are the foundation for any business transaction. A critical aspect of any corporate endeavor is ensuring that your legal documents are clear and thorough, and will protect your business as you seek to grow. From the initial company formation through implementation of your exit strategy, the business lawyers at Richman & Levine, P.C. will thoroughly explore your objectives and help you carefully choose the best legal solutions for your venture. Our talented team of business attorneys can draft and review necessary documents, contracts and agreements that will help ensure that your company is properly protected and secure. These include:

Corporate Documents
Strategic Business Plans
Employment Contracts

Partnership Agreements

Restrictive Covenants
Commercial Warranties


Trademark & Copyright


Stock Purchase Agreements

Shareholder Agreements

Business Sale and Purchase

Licensing Agreements

Asset Purchase and Sale
Lease Agreements


Commercial Real Estate


Additionally, Richman & Levine, P.C. offers a team of highly skilled business litigators. We offer the assurance that should your business needs include pursuing or defending a lawsuit, our commercial litigation attorneys will zealously work to protect and promote your best interests.
Our firm is committed to delivering exceptional client service and creating the best environment for your business to flourish. Richman & Levine, P.C. provides highly skilled business representation at competitive rates. Contact us for more information about reaching your business goals.



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