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Richman & Levine Garden City Long Is

Firm Overview

Consistently Exceeding Client Expectations

Our goal is to represent corporate and individual clients through a responsive, candid, and realistic approach to their legal needs while adhering to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. We are extremely cognizant of the tribulations that the current legal climate places upon a participant. Through this understanding, Richman & Levine, P.C. is committed to representing each client efficiently and to moving each client's case towards their ultimate goal. The Firm’s promise is to deliver powerful, yet specifically tailored legal services to our clients. Even though we are a forward-thinking firm, creating novel ways to present our clients’ positions, we do not forget or take for granted past patterns and practices which generated successful outcomes for our clients. With this balanced approach, we believe our goal will be met with each new client that chooses to work with us.

Our Pledge

Communication. We recognize that our clients’ matters are vitally important, and we will make our best efforts to return all phone calls, emails, and other communications as soon as possible after we receive them.
Understanding, compassionate legal services. We will take all steps to accommodate our clients’ needs while providing outstanding legal service.
Relationship building. We value our personal and professional relationships, and we treat each and every matter as an opportunity to build new and lasting relationships with our clients. 
Zealous, but professional. We are zealous attorneys, and work hard to protect the rights of our clients. We will strive to always maintain the highest levels of professionalism throughout the legal process.
Thinking outside the box. We endeavor to find creative solutions to the complicated issues our clients face. We do not shy away from difficult cases and will seek innovative answers to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients.
Preparation. We firmly believe in the importance of preparation in every matter, regardless of its complexity or value.  We commit to mastering the law and facts in each matter we handle, and we will take pride in the work product we create.
Use of technology. We believe that advancements in technology may advance our clients’ interests, and we are committed to using technology when possible to manage and present our cases.





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